"Imperial Concubine, I.." Shen Wan bit his white lip and said in a low voice. You know better than anyone who it is and what the real situation is, but now that it's so big, have you ever thought about how to end it? Minghui stopped and said. Xu Xiyuan for this matter, just said that he did not do it, but he can let people so casually pour dirty water? No, Xu Xiyuan's affection for the Shen family has also been polished by themselves. Lord Shen, brother of the six emperors. With a smile on his face, Xu Xihui came over, looked around Minghui, and then walked with Shen Yihua to the main hall. I've seen five imperial concubines. Shen Wan bowed on his knees. Come on, Miss Shen, are you better? Although Zhou Yijin's abdomen is still flat now, she is supported by the girl and asked Shen Wan with great concern. Well, it's all right. Thank you for the concern of the five imperial concubines. Shen Wan replied. It's all my fault that Miss Shen was cheated because of my negligence. Zhou Yijin said guiltily. The words of the five imperial concubines are too serious. Shen Wan was flattered and replied. Don't be afraid, since the father already knows, naturally will not let you be wronged. Zhou Yijin said. Shen Wan immediately became red-eyed. Minghui watched the two of them go back and forth and turned to walk in the direction of the main hall. Six younger brothers and sisters, you also relax the heart, this man, three wives and four concubines is a normal thing,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, you ah, don't be too sad. Zhou Yijin looked at Minghui to go forward, busy to comfort Minghui said. Minghui stopped, smiled back, looked at Zhou Yijin and said, "You never like me, and I don't like you,Amber Dropper Bottles, so let's not pretend to be a sister-in-law's friendship and affectation." I'm going to break my face anyway, so I don't have to pretend. Zhou Yijin did not have much affection for herself before, because Xu Xiyuan, she hated herself even more. With that, Minghui gracefully turned around and kept up with the pace of Xu Xiyuan in front of her. Zhou Yijin's face changed and she said to Shen Wan, "Come on, let's go in." Shen Wan nodded. After waiting for the crowd to bow down, Emperor Xuanwen took one look at the crowd and stopped his eyes on Shen Yihua and Shen Wan. Your Majesty, please make decisions for me and my daughter. Shen Yihua knelt down and kowtowed heavily and said. Shen Aiqing, you can rest assured that I will make this decision for you, and I will not let Miss Shen be bullied in vain. Said Emperor Xuanwen. I thank Lord Long for his kindness. Shen Yihua kowtowed heavily again before he got up. Xiao Liu. Emperor Xuanwen glanced at Xu Xiyuan. Father, it happened in the mansion of the five brothers. I think the five brothers and the five sisters-in-law are more clear than my son. Xu Xiyuan said. Since Lord Shen has brought the wrong to me, I can't ignore it. Emperor Xuanwen nodded, looked at Xu Xihui and said, Serum Bottle With Dropper ,oil dropper bottle, "Xiao Wu." "Back to the father's words, the son minister has asked the servant who served that day, someone saw that the six emperor's younger brother did leave, when he left what the six emperor's younger brother did, and no one knows." Xu Xihui said. The emperor When Shen Wan heard this, he couldn't help shrugging and knelt down with tears. "Your Majesty, I have evidence that was pulled from your Highness that day. You must make decisions for my daughter." Then he kowtowed and stretched out his hands to present the jade pendant. Emperor Xuanwen gave He Cheng a wink. He Cheng went over and took the jade pendant and handed it to Emperor Xuanwen with both hands. Shen Wan covered his mouth and cried his heart out. Emperor Xuanwen looked at the jade pendant, but there were no waves on his face. He looked at Shen Wan and asked, "So, Xiao Liu, did you really abandon it?" Shen Wan cried and nodded heavily. Emperor Xuanwen looked at Xu Xiyuan. Xu Xiyuan said slowly, "Father, that day I was in the mansion of the five brothers. In the middle of the banquet, something happened in the backyard of the five brothers and I went in to deal with it. I handed over the banquet outside to me and the two brothers. During the banquet, I did leave for a while, but I didn't do anything like that." "Six emperor younger brother, human evidence and material evidence are all there, you don't deny, Miss Shen or your cousin, the matter is so big, she is a girl, you are not forcing her to die on the road?" One side of Zhou Yijin said with injustice. Then he bowed to Emperor Xuanwen and said, "Father, it's the daughter-in-law's fault. It's the daughter-in-law's improper management that made Miss Shen suffer such a grievance. It's her fault. Please punish the father." Then he knelt down with a splash. Xu Xiyuan coldly glanced at Zhou Yijin and Shen Wan, his eyes flashed with disgust, and he sneered, "witness?"? Shen Wan was drinking at that time. Physical evidence? "Brother Wu Huang, you also have this kind of jade pendant." "Don't quibble any more, Brother Six." Xu Xihui turned to look at Xu Xiyuan and said. Father, this jade pendant is a carved dragon. It's something from the palace. The pattern of the jade pendant may be similar. However, the jade pendants carved by the same carving master are different. In addition, the things in the palace have always been recorded. So, who is the owner of this jade pendant? It will be clear if you check it. What's more.. "Father, what's more, this suet jade pendant, which symbolizes his status, has never been lost." Minghui took Xu Xiyuan's words and took out a jade pendant from her sleeve. This Hearing this, Shen Wan turned to look over and saw the jade pendant in Minghui's hand. His face turned white and he shook his head forcefully. "How is this possible?"? Impossible? Minghui turned to look at Shen Wan and said lightly, "Shen Wan, what else do you have to say?" Shen Yihua's face turned black into the bottom of the pot, and out of the corner of his eye he looked at Shen Wan mercilessly. So, if it's not Xiao Liu who did it, then the Shen family? Now it's in front of the emperor. Shen Yihua closed his eyes, and he never suspected that Shen Wan would lie about such a thing. Six younger brothers and sisters,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, the jade pendant in this hand can also be a substitute for what you are looking for. Zhou Yijin said. Father, your Highness, he is wronged. Minghui holds the jade pendant in both hands. He Cheng went over and presented the jade pendant to Emperor Xuanwen. penghuangbottle.com